Elon Musk, a man I admire!

Within the past couple of year, I’ve come to the liking of Elon Musk. His inovation and ideas really catches my attention. Yes, I know he is a bit crazy with his ideas, but I still like them. I wish I was able to come up with ideas like that myself.

In reading Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, I’ve been able to learn so much more about Elon Musk. It was really interesting to learn his involvment in PayPal. A service I’ve come to user more within the past couple of years myself.

After Elon’s involvment with PayPal is when he started Tesla and SpaceX. One day i’m going to own a Tesla. I love the idea of the car, I hear they are great to drive, and I like the carbon footprint. Now SpaceX, I LOVE that organization specially because I’m a BIG MARS fan!!!! I love the adminration for there push to have civilazation on Mars.

All in all, he is one of the many individuals I admire and look forward to what ideas he comes up with the and organizations that are involved.

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