My conversion to Windows Insider Program

windows insider program screenshot.
Windows Insider Program screenshot


I’ve been a fan of testing/piloting new applications for products that I use, so this last week I’ve decided to add my personal computer to the Windows Insider program.

It was a straightforward process. Just open Windows Insider settings (Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program). Then click on Get Started > Link your Microsoft Account > select Active development of Windows > and I selected Slow ring.

Once that is complete within 24 hours you should have the preview build available in your Windows Updates to install. Note, after i did that, I experience issues with my MS Store not working and any apps that used the MS Store as well. Remediation is to wait, at least for me, 24 hours and your machine should get the latest CU for the build which should solve your issue.

Moreover, that is it! Now its time to test these new features and Windows builds.


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