Our trip to the Windy City (Chicago)

Another weekend trip to the Windy City (Chicago) is complete, but was really chilly, snowing, and boots. Yes, boots!

Weekend vacations are fun! Cause you never really know what to expect, but you know you will have fun. My recent trips to Chicago includes taking the Amtrak from Indianapolis to Chicago, which means you will be always talking the Cardinal () or the Hoosier State.

If you have never take the Amtrak before, you should give it a try. I’ve come to really enjoy it. Yes, its about a 4-5 hour train ride between Indianapolis to Chicago; Yes, with my driving I could probably make it in less time, but then have to bother with tolls, overnight parking at the hotel, and crazy drivers. But for around $88 roundtrip for two is an amazing deal. Then when you get to Chicago you just take the CTA (aka Chicago public transportations) everywhere. A three day bus pass is only $20 (currently). That is a steal. And Google Maps (mobile app) is your friend getting arround. It tells where the bus pickup/dropoff is, and gives you, i think, somewhat real time tracking of the bus it self.

On this trip I explorer the Adler Planiteruim. What a great experience we had except for a couple of hiccups, the printed information is not updated, so all updated information is only advertise on the screens at the ticket counters. The cafe area is amazing and has a great view of the city and lake, and the food was amazing. We got the BBQ pizza, which tasted amazing. We also got tickets for the showing of Planet Nine. A showing about the past/present/future of the nignth planet. I would highly recommend seeing it, specially if you are a person that grew up having a ninth planet. The mission control exhibt/area is quite amazing. Its amazing to see/feel what NASA mission control was like during the Gemini missions.

After our visit of the Planetarium, we walked over to The Field Musuem. I got to see the new exhbit hall for Sue, since Maximo kicked Sue out of Sue’s last home. WOW, this is my first time really seeing Sue, since the first time i visiting the Field Musuem, Sue was still remodeling Sue new home. Sue’s new home looks amazing. Sue’s new look, is amazing when it comes to T-rex research. The information and video demostation presented to viewers is amazing. You really get to see Sue’s life journey that we know it to be. I recommend you talking the family to see it.

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