Move your WordPress host to PHP 7.0+ sooner than later

If you are using WordPress, then you are most likely

If you are using WordPress, then you are most likely the latest version 5.1.1. In recent blog posts from WordPress, they are starting to force users here in the future in making sure they are staying compliant with PHP as well.

One of the functional advantages of having a great web hosting provider that is using CloudLinux, you can easily make that change (aka inside cPanel > Select PHP version). This problem is not an issue for me and the many reasons why I love having as my web hosting provider.

Not only is upgrading your PHP version to a supported version is smart, but it can also improve speed and performance on your WordPress website. My website is currently running on PHP 7.2 and has noticed an improvement on my website.

So, make sure you ask your web hosting provider if you are running the latest PHP version on your WordPress site. If your web hosting provider didn’t provide the latest PHP, I would recommend you transferring over to

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