Collaborate with Microsoft Office for the Web

For the past weeks here lately, my focus has been a lot on the Microsoft Office for the Web. You might say, I already have Microsoft Office installed on your machine, why use Office for the Web? Well, it is Free’ to use, so why not!

Now, I have been around since the days. And YES, I’m still using my account actively every day, so I have seen Microsoft come along ways ie. OneDrive, Outlook web, and etc… Besides it being ‘Free’ I feel like using Office for the Web performance is a lot better through a web browser instead of the desktop clients. For me, my primary web browser is Google Chrome. My CPU/RAM has decreased by at least 20% overall. Meaning, I feel like my computers (HP ENVY Notebook 13 & HP ProBook 650 G2) are performing a lot smoother and the only thing I can think of is that the desktop client software is of course not using as much computer resources.

One of the many advantages that I like about Office on the Web is that can easy link my files that I have stored in my OneDrive, Groups, and SharePoint locations, and only have to share the link to that file location instead of attaching the file itself… I just hate SPAMMING everyone with attachments and making their mailbox size bigger. With that being said, it’s easy when you are needing to collaborate on a file as well and can see everyone’s changes in real-time.

Microsoft Web Word.

SPOILER – For all my #Linux lovers out there like myself, yes, this means now you can use Microsoft Office via the web on your Linux box. And it performs amazingly.

Microsoft Office for the Web via Linux.

Some Advantages

  • Anywhere access
  • Familiar experience
  • Work with anyone.

Some Disadvantages

  • You can’t do everything that you might be used to in some of the office products.
  • Can be hard to attach some cloud location files via the Outlook Web client.
  • Opening of multiple tabs in a web browser.

Here are some resource links

Feel free to comment below on how you feel about Office for the Web.

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