My latest project – How to use an API (Open Weather)

My latest project on how to use an API. This project is good for public API for beginners. I use the Open Weather API to get the weather for my city.

One way of couping with the stay-at-home orders, I’ve been trying to learn a new skill(s). One new skill that I wanted to learn about is working with an application programming interface (API). What is an API? API is a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service according to the Oxford dictionary. Below is my journey, enjoy!

openweather-api project

I wanted to learn more about working with API to help me with my IT services website that I want to build out and was told by a member of the Reseller Rodeo community to use the API when building the website. So, I was referred to research on how to do that via Google. I came across iEatWebsites YouTube Channel. He has a video called, “Using a Public API for Beginners” (see below).

iEatWebsites video on ‘Using a Public API for beginners’

His over on how to use a pubic API was very simple to understand. Note, you should already know some type of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. And all I really knew at the start of this project some basic HTML. So, of course, I need to pick up some more knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. In doing so, I completed the task at hand.

My project site is up at

Since the intial setup, I’ve expanded it.

  • I added my workings to my GitHub page.
  • I’ve added the city name at top of the page.
  • I’ve added text below the API about the project.
  • I believe I’ve made the site mobile-responsive as well.

In the near future, my goal is to either 1) do IP geo-location when you access the site or 2) and a search box. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my openweather-api-project. I hope you enjoy my latest project and encouraged you to learn!

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