Hello, I’m Drew!

Navy Veteran

In 2008 I decided to join the United States Navy as an enlisted Information Technology Specialist to start my IT career. It was in the navy that really got me interested in IT and creating a website on the side as well. I’m proud to have honorably served for 4 years, and grateful for the IT training the United States Navy provided. Click here, to learn more about becoming an IT specialist in the United States Navy.

Internet Entrepreneur

Since 2012, I started my side-hustle on website hosting and website design. Its been a struggle at the start, but I’m finally enjoying what I have set up for my clients. Click here to see what I can offer to you or your business.

Blogger and Techie

I love technology and love sharing information on it with people. You will see this through my blog. I hope you enjoy!


I did IT in the US Navy. Once I completed my time with the US Navy, I started working for the Indiana Office of Technology. At the same time, I started my Internet Entrepreneur journey.

I have an A.S. in Network Systems Administration and a B.S. in Information Systems and Cybersecurity from ITT Technical Insititute.


These are the charities or organizations that I support in a way that is significant to me. Some are working on basic survival issues, and some are addressing problems that we’re lucky to have in this modern technological age, but all are important to me: WFYI, USO of Indiana, Navy Club Ship 35, and Packing 4 Hope.