GoDaddy cheers on everyday entrepreneurs with new logo

For 23 years, GoDaddy has been singular in providing anyone, anywhere, a way to give their idea, product or venture a home on the internet. We’ve broadened our offerings through the years from domain names to website builders to social marketing tools to online stores and beyond.

Source: GoDaddy cheers on everyday entrepreneurs with new logo

Use the LinkedIn app at your next networking event

This week I was at a Meetup with Brandon Fishburn and Jim Patton. Brandon is an entrepreneur and currently the President of the West Side Chamber of commerce. Jim is a financial advisor at West Point Financial Group.

They happen to discuss a prospect meetup event they attended and how the LinkedIn app on your phone can help with that. So, they go on to explain to me how in the LinkedIn in the app how you can use it to connect with people within the same room as you. It was so neat I told them I had to pass it along.

Note, if you’re a veteran, check out this post about getting LinkedIn premium for free.

How a young vet turned entrepreneur turned a family recipe into an $80,000 venture that just launched on Amazon

Military veteran turned entrepreneur Charlynda Scales turned her grandfather’s secret sauce recipe into an $80,000 venture that just launched on Amazon. Consumers support her made-in-America brand.

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QuickBooks Connect 2019

Interested in learning new skills, growing your business, or meeting other like-minded professionals? Then QuickBooks Connect is for you! As a #QBAmbassador, I’m able to offer a savings of $80 (that’s over 30% off!) using the code JOINUSNOW at checkout. Find out more information on the conference here:

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Zoom, a easy video conference platform for entrepreneurs

Zoom logo

As an entrepreneur, I’ve come to use tools to help me succeed along my journey. One of these tools being Zoom.

Zoom is a video conference platform. I might not have an office but with Zoom it makes me feel like I do. I’ve come to really enjoy this product when it comes to sending out meeting invites. It provides multiple integrations (ie., Outlook client, Google Chrome add-on). There basic/free version is good starting out and when you need a bit more, just upgrade to Pro for $15/month.

Give Zoom a try if you are wanting to video conferencing with clients.

Elon Musk, a man I admire!

Within the past couple of year, I’ve come to the liking of Elon Musk. His inovation and ideas really catches my attention. Yes, I know he is a bit crazy with his ideas, but I still like them. I wish I was able to come up with ideas like that myself.

In reading Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, I’ve been able to learn so much more about Elon Musk. It was really interesting to learn his involvment in PayPal. A service I’ve come to user more within the past couple of years myself.

After Elon’s involvment with PayPal is when he started Tesla and SpaceX. One day i’m going to own a Tesla. I love the idea of the car, I hear they are great to drive, and I like the carbon footprint. Now SpaceX, I LOVE that organization specially because I’m a BIG MARS fan!!!! I love the adminration for there push to have civilazation on Mars.

All in all, he is one of the many individuals I admire and look forward to what ideas he comes up with the and organizations that are involved.