Day 1 of Taji 100 (2020)

Today I’ve started my journey to hopefully complete the Taji 100 for the month of February 2020.

Day 1 results:
  • Location: Eagle Creek Park
  • Distance: 1 mile

The mission of Taji 100 is to encourage health and fitness by promoting an active lifestyle. Working collaboratively with the members and businesses of our communities, we offer products, education, resources, and services through a peer-supportive network. While encouraging, motivating, and inspiring healthier Americans, we simultaneously raise awareness and support for American military servicemen and women by collecting donations for military-related non-profit charity organizations.

Follow my journey and support the cause here.

GoDaddy cheers on everyday entrepreneurs with new logo

For 23 years, GoDaddy has been singular in providing anyone, anywhere, a way to give their idea, product or venture a home on the internet. We’ve broadened our offerings through the years from domain names to website builders to social marketing tools to online stores and beyond.

Source: GoDaddy cheers on everyday entrepreneurs with new logo

NameHero, Ranked Best WordPress Web Host for 2020

NameHero, a company that provides internet entrepreneurs a way of life, was ranked for number one for WordPress web hosting for 2020 by Darrel Wilson. Darrel Wilson is a highly successful WordPress developer in the WordPress industry.

According to ManageWP, WordPress is powering over 25% of the web. Darrel, conducted a comparison of WordPress web hosting companies for a 60-day period. NameHero came to be ranked number 1 in the competition.

Check out my post of my review of NameHero.

You can learn more about NameHero’s web hosting packages on there website.

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Indiana Dunes National Park to build erosion-fighting sand traps – Indianapolis Business Journal

Officials are asking the public to steer clear of the area as heavy equipment is used to install and fill the sand traps and fight erosion during a time of high water levels on the lake.

Source: Indiana Dunes National Park to build erosion-fighting sand traps – Indianapolis Business Journal

UPDATE: Tech-staffing firm eyes Broad Ripple for new office-apartment HQ complex – Indianapolis Business Journal

Sources said Eight Eleven Group is hoping to build a five-story office building, an adjacent four-story apartment structure and an underground parking garage where 200 to 250 people will be employed.

Read more here: UPDATE: Tech-staffing firm eyes Broad Ripple for new office-apartment HQ complex – Indianapolis Business Journal

Use the LinkedIn app at your next networking event

This week I was at a Meetup with Brandon Fishburn and Jim Patton. Brandon is an entrepreneur and currently the President of the West Side Chamber of commerce. Jim is a financial advisor at West Point Financial Group.

They happen to discuss a prospect meetup event they attended and how the LinkedIn app on your phone can help with that. So, they go on to explain to me how in the LinkedIn in the app how you can use it to connect with people within the same room as you. It was so neat I told them I had to pass it along.

Note, if you’re a veteran, check out this post about getting LinkedIn premium for free.

Forgetting your passwords? Use a password manager!

Password manager key

As security/privacy is a concern for most individuals these days in creating complex passwords for the products and services that we access online, it is increasingly becoming hard to remember your complex passwords. What is a complex password you might say? A complex password normally contains 8 or more characters containing an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and special symbol.

Here are a few password managers that are on my recommended list.


Bitwarden is 100% open-source software. The source code for Bitwarden is hosted on GitHub and everyone is free to review, audit, and contribute to the Bitwarden codebase They believe that being open source is one of the most important features of Bitwarden. The free account has no limitations but premium accounts (starting at $10/year) offer extras like support logging in with a YubiKey and advice on strengthening your passwords.


A password manager, digital vault, form filler, and secure digital wallet. 1Password remembers all your passwords for you to keep your account information safe. This is especially true on iOS, where the procedure is smoother than it is on other platforms. With a cost of $36/year for one user, and $60/year for the whole family, but with the many features they have to offer should justify the cost.


Dashlane is the company-wide solution for password management that everyone will actually love using. The free tier security stores your passwords securely to one device. For $5/month you can sync your passwords across multiple devices.


LastPass is my preferred password manager. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. Upgrade to get the best of LastPass with flexible sharing and emergency access. Once you save a password in LastPass, you’ll always have it when you need it. Logging in is fast and easy. Paid options, $36/year for individuals and $48/year for families.

Final Thought

Is that we lost track of our passwords and some individuals use the same password for every account, which is a bad habit. Take advantage of these password manager tools today!

What’s new for IT pros in Windows 10, version 1909

Windows 10, version 1909 is now available through Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and Windows Update for Business, and can be downloaded from Visual Studio Subscriptions , the Software Download Center (via the Media Creation Tool [1] ), and the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) [2] .

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