Zoom, a easy video conference platform for entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, I’ve come to use tools to help me succeed along my journey. One of these tools being Zoom.

Zoom is a video conference platform. I might not have an office but with Zoom it makes me feel like I do. I’ve come to really enjoy this product when it comes to sending out meeting invites. It provides multiple integrations (ie. Outlook.com, Outlook client, Google Chrome add-on). There basic/free version is good starting out and when you need a bit more, just upgrade to Pro for $15/month.

Give Zoom a try if you are wanting to video conferencing with clients.

Install .net 3.5 on Windows 1809 for enterprises

So, I ran into a situation where after upgrading a Win 10 machine to Windows 10 v1809, that it did not have .net 3.5 installed on the machine; and can only assume that the upgrade must have messed up something; and in troubleshooting figured out also that .Net 3.5 is also a Feature on Demand (FoD). My remediation below:

If you go to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) and download the FoD package, you will be able to install via offline or just create an SCCM application/package.

Once you complete the download, extract disk 1 of the FoD. Next, create a new folder so you only copy the .cab’s that are needed to install RSAT. No reason to use the huge 4.5GB file. The files/folders that are need to be copy is as follows:

metadata (folder)

Now that you have the files in a folder, create a PowerShell script in that folder to run to install .Net 3.5. Here is an example of what we used:

$NETFX3Install=Get-WindowsCapability -Online -Source .\ -LimitAccess |where name -like netfx3* | select name
  foreach ($item in $NETFX3Install){
  Write-Output $item.Name
  Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name $item.name -LimitAccess -source .\ 

Hopefully this helps you out as it did I.

rsat windows 10 1903 – Install via offline for enterprise

Windows 10

If you already didn’t know, since 1809 if I remember correctly, RSAT is now part of the Feature on Demand (FoD). This is convenient if you have your WSUS going to Microsoft, but some enterprises control and run there own WSUS environment.

Lucky I had some help thanks to Twitter @OSDownunder. If you go to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) and download the FoD package, you will be able to install via offline or just create a SCCM application/package.

Once you complete the download, extract disk 1 of the FoD. Next, create new folder so you only copy the .cab’s that are needed to install RSAT. No reason to use the huge 4.5GB file. The files/folders that are need to be copy is as follows:


Now that you have the files in a folder, create a PowerShell script in that folder to run to install RSAT. Here is a example of what we used:

$RSATInstall=Get-WindowsCapability -Online -Source .\ -LimitAccess |where name -like rsat* | select name
  foreach ($item in $RSATInstall){
  Write-Output $item.Name
  Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name $item.name -LimitAccess -source .\ 

Go to my GitHub page to get the .ps1 script as well.

Hopefully this helps you out as it did I.

Invest your leftover change!


Since I can remember I’ve always had a coin jar that I put my loose change it. Then when it got full, I either rolled up my change and took it to the bank; or went to a Coinstar cause (when it got to my 20s). Even today, I still save my change and cash it in every year.

With the rise of technology, I’ve found new ways of saving my change, but digitally. Since more individuals nowadays, like myself, make card purchases than cash, it’s hard to save that loose change digitally like you use to with loose change. Well now, that is not the issue with Acorns.

Acorns gives individuals the option to grow wealth by investing your spare change from your transacations. Invest as you go about your day with Round-Ups and recurring investments. Earn more or grow your wealth faster with the 250+ brands that will invest in you when you shop. Grow your knowledge about money with content from Acorns.

So make the move today! Click here on this referral link and Acorns will invest $5 into your Acorns account. Let that spare change do more for your growth in wealth.

Move your WordPress host to PHP 7.0+ sooner than later

If you are using WordPress, then you are most likely

If you are using WordPress, then you are most likely the latest version 5.1.1. In recent blog posts from WordPress, they are starting to force users here in the future in making sure they are staying compliant with PHP as well.

One of the functional advantages of having a great web hosting provider that is using CloudLinux, you can easily make that change (aka inside cPanel > Select PHP version). This problem is not an issue for me and the many reasons why I love having NameHero.com as my web hosting provider.

Not only is upgrading your PHP version to a supported version is smart, but it can also improve speed and performance on your WordPress website. My website is currently running on PHP 7.2 and has noticed an improvement on my website.

So, make sure you ask your web hosting provider if you are running the latest PHP version on your WordPress site. If your web hosting provider didn’t provide the latest PHP, I would recommend you transferring over to NameHero.com.

Namehero.com, your new hero for web hosting!


I would have to admit; when I first started in finding a web hosting provider to host my blog/website, davisdre.com, I used GoDaddy. They have a lot of useful tools, customer support, and great online community, which i participated in as well.

Over time I notice a lack of performance for the most part. Note, i still host a couple of my clients on GoDaddy. So, over time that is when i made a move on wanting to expand and started looking into reseller hosting and see what other web hosting providers offer. Even search for a veteran-owned hosting provider but couldn’t find one but eventually came upon Namehero.com.

Most of the services/technologies Namehero.com offered are what i was looking for myself and my expansion. Setup was a breeze. Their startup blog is impressive with the number of articles and video they offer. I did have to use there support and man how amazingly fast and professional they are. This site, davisdre.com, is hosted on Namehero.com and happy to say that NameHero.com was my hero to help me expand my services but also provide a more fast and reliable service as well.

I am an affiliate for NameHero.com and would highly recommend you and someone you know in using there web hosting services. Click here to sign up today to start your web hosting packing. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me about NameHero.com and my experience so far please let me know. If you need help with your next online or website project, please let me know, and I’ll be glad to assist you.

Our trip to the Windy City (Chicago)


Another weekend trip to the Windy City (Chicago) is complete, but was really chilly, snowing, and boots. Yes, boots!

Weekend vacations are fun! Cause you never really know what to expect, but you know you will have fun. My recent trips to Chicago includes taking the Amtrak from Indianapolis to Chicago, which means you will be always talking the Cardinal () or the Hoosier State.

If you have never take the Amtrak before, you should give it a try. I’ve come to really enjoy it. Yes, its about a 4-5 hour train ride between Indianapolis to Chicago; Yes, with my driving I could probably make it in less time, but then have to bother with tolls, overnight parking at the hotel, and crazy drivers. But for around $88 roundtrip for two is an amazing deal. Then when you get to Chicago you just take the CTA (aka Chicago public transportations) everywhere. A three day bus pass is only $20 (currently). That is a steal. And Google Maps (mobile app) is your friend getting arround. It tells where the bus pickup/dropoff is, and gives you, i think, somewhat real time tracking of the bus it self.

On this trip I explorer the Adler Planiteruim. What a great experience we had except for a couple of hiccups, the printed information is not updated, so all updated information is only advertise on the screens at the ticket counters. The cafe area is amazing and has a great view of the city and lake, and the food was amazing. We got the BBQ pizza, which tasted amazing. We also got tickets for the showing of Planet Nine. A showing about the past/present/future of the nignth planet. I would highly recommend seeing it, specially if you are a person that grew up having a ninth planet. The mission control exhibt/area is quite amazing. Its amazing to see/feel what NASA mission control was like during the Gemini missions.

After our visit of the Planetarium, we walked over to The Field Musuem. I got to see the new exhbit hall for Sue, since Maximo kicked Sue out of Sue’s last home. WOW, this is my first time really seeing Sue, since the first time i visiting the Field Musuem, Sue was still remodeling Sue new home. Sue’s new home looks amazing. Sue’s new look, is amazing when it comes to T-rex research. The information and video demostation presented to viewers is amazing. You really get to see Sue’s life journey that we know it to be. I recommend you talking the family to see it.

My conversion to Windows Insider Program

windows insider program screenshot.
Windows Insider Program screenshot


I’ve been a fan of testing/piloting new applications for products that I use, so this last week I’ve decided to add my personal computer to the Windows Insider program.

It was a straightforward process. Just open Windows Insider settings (Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program). Then click on Get Started > Link your Microsoft Account > select Active development of Windows > and I selected Slow ring.

Once that is complete within 24 hours you should have the preview build available in your Windows Updates to install. Note, after i did that, I experience issues with my MS Store not working and any apps that used the MS Store as well. Remediation is to wait, at least for me, 24 hours and your machine should get the latest CU for the build which should solve your issue.

Moreover, that is it! Now its time to test these new features and Windows builds.


Elon Musk, a man I admire!

Within the past couple of year, I’ve come to the liking of Elon Musk. His inovation and ideas really catches my attention. Yes, I know he is a bit crazy with his ideas, but I still like them. I wish I was able to come up with ideas like that myself.

In reading Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, I’ve been able to learn so much more about Elon Musk. It was really interesting to learn his involvment in PayPal. A service I’ve come to user more within the past couple of years myself.

After Elon’s involvment with PayPal is when he started Tesla and SpaceX. One day i’m going to own a Tesla. I love the idea of the car, I hear they are great to drive, and I like the carbon footprint. Now SpaceX, I LOVE that organization specially because I’m a BIG MARS fan!!!! I love the adminration for there push to have civilazation on Mars.

All in all, he is one of the many individuals I admire and look forward to what ideas he comes up with the and organizations that are involved.