rsat windows 10 1903 – Install via offline for enterprise

Windows 10

If you already didn’t know, since 1809 if I remember correctly, RSAT is now part of the Feature on Demand (FoD). This is convenient if you have your WSUS going to Microsoft, but some enterprises control and run there own WSUS environment.

Lucky I had some help thanks to Twitter @OSDownunder. If you go to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) and download the FoD package, you will be able to install via offline or just create a SCCM application/package.

Once you complete the download, extract disk 1 of the FoD. Next, create new folder so you only copy the .cab’s that are needed to install RSAT. No reason to use the huge 4.5GB file. The files/folders that are need to be copy is as follows:

Now that you have the files in a folder, create a PowerShell script in that folder to run to install RSAT. Here is a example of what we used:

$RSATInstall=Get-WindowsCapability -Online -Source .\ -LimitAccess |where name -like rsat* | select name
  foreach ($item in $RSATInstall){
  Write-Output $item.Name
  Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name $ -LimitAccess -source .\ 

Go to my GitHub page to get the .ps1 script as well.

Hopefully this helps you out as it did I.